Apple iPod classic 160GB Portable MP3 Player


iPod Classic 160GB

Description (from B&H): Apple has revamped its flagship iPod MP3 player and renamed it the iPod classic. Apple continues to make the most popular digital music player even more desirable, with an astounding 160GB hard drive, 40 hours of battery life for audio playback, 7 hours for video and an even more sleek and compact design to make this stylish Silver iPod a true classic in every sense of the word.
Packed with all the usual features like a calendar and contact display, audiobook playback, photo slide-show playback and video podcasts the iPod now also features three new games, Vortex, iQuiz, and Klondike, and more can be downloaded from iTunes. You can also download music videos and your favorite television shows from the iTunes store and watch them wherever and whenever you want. The impressive 2.5″ LCD Screen has a brightness adjustment mode so you can get more from your battery life as well as adjust the brightness to fit the room’s light level.

The classic iPod Click Wheel combined with the new and improved interface make the new iPod the perfect combination of new features and proven design for anyone who likes to carry their entertainment with them.

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