Since the advent of digital photography and photoshop techniques many photographers tend to shoot interior/exterior in a natural lighting condition. This way of shooting/technique works to a certain extent and at certain circumstances, however the photograph is almost always vastly improved by lighting, both for interiors as well as exteriors of your structure.


We believe in bringing out the best in your place, which will also look natural to the viewer. In doing so we make sure its organised best for the shooting angle and the highlight points. We also make use of various lighting techniques during the shooting stage, Use the best post processing technique or any combination that works best to give you that extra flair in the final photograph.


When budget is a concern we we can also use a simplified lighting approach.


Fees: Fees are normally charged by the day or half day and will depend on complexity of the shoot, location and usage.

For a rough guide, small shoots up to a half day will range from ₨.30,000/- to ₨.50,000/-
But as each job is different please get in touch with us or just fill in the request form and submit.


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Before and After images below.



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