Industrial Photography for us is more then just photographs, we are passionate and well equipped to shoot any kind of Industry. we are adept at working with technical cameras, lighting large spaces and prepared to work in hazardous conditions while making sure everthing is inline with your vision.


Most of the industrial assignment are shot by Chan >, who is a engineer himself and has a knowledge of automation and various industrial process which makes shooting process easier and faster.


We are experienced working with large corporates, understand the departments and their processes, documentation etc., which saves your time and start shooting without any delay.


Fees: Fees are normally charged by the day or half day and will depend on complexity of the shoot, location and usage.

For a rough guide, small shoots up to a day will range from ₨.30,000/- to ₨.50,000/- covering upto 15 images,

But as each job is different please get in touch with us or just fill in the request form and submit.


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See below how we can add life to your working place and transform your industry/factory into a energetic place.



Due to the NDA’s with our clients, we cannot share most of the images from our portfolio. Email, call us or visit our studio to see and understand how we can help you with the photo shoot.

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