Product photography is all about representing your product as accurate as possible, attractively.

There are various ways of shooting your product, from as simple and cost effective by shooting it on a plain background, by using a complex lighting technique or by using composite post processing technique. We have mastered various technique to do so.

Below sample images will give you an idea as to what we are talking about. To discuss or to know more about the options please Contact Us >.

Catalogue / Pack Shots

Print Quality

Best way to showcase your product is on a plain background preferably white, ideal for immediate use for product catalogues.

Its simple, yet effective.

Usually 2-4 shots of full product in different angle, plus close up shots showcasing the detail of the product is adequate.



Creative Shots

In addition to catalogue shots with plain background, its necessary to showcase your product in a creative way for promotional purpose, whether for web or print.

We accomplish this in various ways as per your liking. Either by Adding shadows or a nice reflection, Creating drama by shooting unusual angles, Create moody effects by using various lighting techniques, Using props to enhance the looks, Adding effects like smoke, splash or using different backgrounds, Using composite digital technique in the post-production stage

Lifestyle / Enviormental Shots

Some commercial project may need to show the product in a realistic way.

We achieve this by creating environment using elaborate set in-house or by simply using props and then adding a touch with a beautiful photography lighting.

This creates an impressive look in which your product will stand out. This is very popular among people who are looking for campaign images or Hero shots.