We don’t limit prints. All individual prints specify the date of their production, the source (negative or digital file), the precise number of copies we made that day, and the number of this print.

Here is the sample text look like.

This is print #6
First Edition, Second Printing(#3) 12 June 2017

  • The print numbers are simply a sequential count of the total number of prints we’ve made so far from that digital file irrespective of size.
  • A typical First Edition, First Printing will be three to five copies, sometimes as few as two, on rare occasions as many as thirty.
  • The designation “Third Edition, Second Printing” would mean that this is the third time we’ve worked this image from a creative point of view and the second time we’ve printed a batch of prints from this third rendition. The numbers represents prints we’ve made on that day from that digital file.




The largest print size depends on many factors including subject, the technical aspects of the film/digital file, print material. Therefore each art has its own size and material options.

To give you an rough idea of the size comparison, check this image.





A canvas photo produces some of the most stunning images ever seen, as the printing technology used is some of the most precise and detailed in the world. For sharp, long-lasting images of the highest quality, canvas is certainly a wise avenue to explore.



Photo Rag is a versatile paper that produces crisp colorful prints with deep blacks and subtle shadings. It can really be used for any subject and is also good for black & white photos. These are 100% cotton rag, Acid-free and archival.



No one can say for sure, but all sources seemed to indicate that today’s pigment-on-paper images are sufficiently archival to be enjoyed without deterioration for your lifetime — at least.



No. Due to the unpredictability of transporting framed prints it is advisable that the purchaser source a reputable framer themselves. The archival paper print will be supplied to you rolled up in a secure cylinder and it is vital that it is handled with extreme care when framing and archival canvas is stretched on a wooden frame. It is highly recommended that you choose a professional framer who has the experience in mounting large photographs. Acid free materials must be used in the mounting and framing of the print.



The utmost care has been taken to accurately represent the finished photograph, however due to differences in individual users monitor settings and web limitations, ordered print colours may differ slightly from the photos viewed on this website. Images on this website are best viewed on a high resolution, calibrated Apple, Eizo or similar monitor.



Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be created and delivered within India. Please allow up to 4 weeks for most international orders.



Prints are shipped in high quality packaging to minimise risk of damage via reputed courier company.



We stand behind the quality of our work. In the unlikely event that your order does get damaged in transit, please email us asap with a photo of the problem. We will request you ship the item back and upon receiving we will have a replacement sent out and also refund your postage costs for returning the damaged print.



NO refund policy .Refund only in case of damage or item lost in transit. However, no goods will be returned only because the buyer did not like the artwork he has purchased.