CAMTREE Hunt Power Supply System

V-mount power supply

Camtree Hunt introduces an absolute answer to resolve your trouble of availability of power while shooting outdoors!

A complete handy, lightweight and portable power supply system making your equipment efficient & reliable. Stylish & sturdy design offers ease of usage and convenience.

An essential add-on gear for your camera system that works till the time you want!

So, if you’re going for longer shoots, just make sure that this little gear will be your longtime partner!
Power your professional Blackmagic cinema camera with our compact, well made and reliable power supply system. It mounts securely onto any industry standard 15mm rail system with center to center distance of 60mm. By mounting blackmagic power supply system on your camera rig, you can effectively create a perfect counter balance for your camera, helping the balance of the rig. In short, it can be used as a complete blackmagic power supply source for powering video or other blackmagic cinema camera accessories.


-> Scalable BMCC power solution
-> Easily fits 15mm rods with central distance of 60mm
-> Maintains signal integrity
-> High quality portable power supply system
-> User friendly, portable and convenient


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