Flyfilms Pro-Zoom with 6pc gear set

Pro-Zoom with 6pc gear set

Flyfilms unveils its new combination of Pro-Zoom with 6 pc gear set for flawless camera zoom adjustment. The Aluminum constructed, single rail Pro Zoom allows the operator to pull zoom from the side of the camera, similar to how a follow focus enables focus pulls from the side, like other Follow Focus products. The Set of flexible gear rings (0.8 mod) provides great precision and control over zoom. It’s expertly designed for a full 360 degree rotation and maintains perfect pitch size throughout the rotation.

FLYFILMS GEAR RING SET (55mm to 110mm) (FF-GS6)

The Flyfilms gear set includes 6 gear rings which fits all standard lenses . The quality constructed gear rings correspond to lenses with focus ring circumferences ranging from 55-110mm. The design of the gear ring allows for a full 360 degree rotation. The gears are industry-standard film pitch (0.8 mod 32)



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