Gitzo GM3680C Series 3 Basalt 6-Section Monopod



Description (from B&H): The professional Gitzo GM3680C Series 3 Basalt 6-Section Monopod is a made of high performance basalt composite fiber tubing which makes for a sturdy, versatile support that weighs only 1.48 lb (0.67 kg) and can support up to 33.07 lb (15 kg). Its six leg sections allow extension up to 52.95″ (134.5 cm) and it folds down to 16.93″ (43 cm) so it can easily fit into your gear bag or backpack. It comes with Gitzo’s exclusive belt clip so you can carry it while it hangs on belts or pockets, great for when you need to use both hands. The clip doubles as a wrist strap to prevent it from falling from your hands.

The GM3860C features the Gitzo “Power Disc” which is made of machined solid aluminum and has two locking screws, one to lock the head, the other to safely lock the disc onto the column. This gives the whole support system a solid connection. The leg sections are kept in position by Gitzo’s G-Lock twist leg locks which allow you to extend or collapse the monopod quickly and easily. It also has a removable rubber foot which can be replaced when worn out or substituted for a snow/sand spike.

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