Whether you’re looking to photograph your product on a plain white background or for a creative banner to be used for eCommerce websites. We can give you a competitive quote for high quality color corrected images.


We can create high quality colour corrected images optimised for eCommerce whether it is a Table-Top or Apparel.

Table Top Product

Apparel Product

Please find below link to eCommerce guide which will help you in understanding various technical terms.

eCommerce Image Guide

Table Top Product

Catalogue / Pack Shots


Best way to showcase your product is on a plain background preferably white, ideal for immediate use with websites.

Its simple, yet effective.

Usually 2-4 shots of full product in different angle, plus a close up shot showcasing the detail of the product is adequate.



Apparel Product

Still Life & Modelled Fashion


Whether you want to get photograph of your garment collection on a plane background We will help you with photo shoot as well as models.




The simplest way of showcasing clothing is on a white or a black mannequin.


Invisible Mannequin

Invisible mannequin images are carefully styled and shot, with the invisible look created in post production stage.

Flat Styled/Arrangement

Another way of styling your garments is flat on a plain background. Unlike mannequin this is far more popular way as your garments come out lively in the images. We have perfected the art of styling garments naturally making it look attractive.


Showing clothes on a mannequin or arranging them in creative way talks about your garment as product, However there is no substitute to show them on a model. It instantly increases the band value.

We work with best modeling agencies and can help you in choosing the right model to go with your brand position.

We can digitally create almost any kind of backdrop to give you that extra touch to your image.