Sinar P2



Comments: Rolls-Royce of still camera. lucky to own one. Although designed for 4×5 format films it is still good to use with digital backs. P3 is only used in the studio with digital lenses.

Description (from Sinar): The first choice in the range of purely mechanical cameras is the Sinar p2. Thanks to its refined design, settings and focusing with the Sinar p2 can be accomplished faster than with any other view camera. Not only does this save precious time, it also provides significant gains in precision. This model, too, can be adapted for use in digital photgraphy.

When p stands for perfection you could only be talking about the Sinar p2, a camera truly in a class by itself. The Sinar p2 assembles a group of features found nowhere else, and after almost 30 years the p series is still the standard of comparison for monorail view cameras.

The Sinar p2´s precision and stability are important for digital photography applications, and its yaw-free design makes it even easier for you to set camera movements exactly.

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